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WordPress Optimize Database
July 10, 2019 By Jake

Do Something Great – Optimize your WordPress Database This is the first post in a planned series called “Do Something Great… Keep Reading

WordPress using Bitnami in the Google Cloud
July 6, 2019 By Jake

There are so many different ways to optimize your WordPress site these days, and everyone has their favorite. Now, let not forget, that… Keep Reading

Timber-Boot v2.5.1 in Action
July 4, 2019 By Jake

It’s has been a while since I have blogged on the site. Since November, most of the attention has been given to Timber-Boot. But… Keep Reading

Timber-Boot: Your Next WordPress Theme
May 26, 2019 By Jake

Timber-Boot v2.5, which was 18 months in the making, is finally ready for the release of version 2.5. It is built using the amazing Twi… Keep Reading

Webdesign Progression of a Startup
November 26, 2018 By Jake

Designing a website is challenging, but for a startup even more so. According to Wikipedia: “A startup or start-up is started by… Keep Reading

Will Updating to WordPress 5 Break My Site?
November 26, 2018 By Jake

You wake up and find out that when you WordPress site loads, it loads the dreaded “White Screen of Death”.  This may have h… Keep Reading