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WordPressing the Cloud – Part 1 of 3
June 28, 2018 By Jake

WordPress the Google Cloud using the Bitnami LAMP Stack I am writing this into 3 parts, due to the length of this post. I planned on ta… Keep Reading

Timber Boot 2.0
June 11, 2018 By Jake

***Notice:  Timber-Boot is now at Version 2.5.  See it in action. *** Timber Boot v2.0 demo is live now.  With the popularity of the pa… Keep Reading

Page Builders are a Joke!
May 13, 2018 By Jake

In the WordPress community, there are those who stand by “Page Builders” and those who hate them.  Seems to be no middle gr… Keep Reading

HTTP/2 – What is it all about?
April 28, 2018 By Jake

If you have not heard about HTTP/2 yet, you need to get out more often! There have been numerous articles about it, listing the pros an… Keep Reading

Google Cloud and Myself – A love story
April 26, 2018 By Jake

This is a lengthy blog entry, but I feel it contains a lot of good information on doing development today and how I found that Google C… Keep Reading

What is Timber/Twig?
April 25, 2018 By Jake

In many of the pages and posts on this site, I refer to Timber/Twig. So what is it? In my opinion, it is a tool sent from heaven to wri… Keep Reading