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How to build a WordPress Site for Speed? A case study.
August 7, 2018 By Jake

How do I build a WordPress site to be fast? We have the technology. There are all types of tools and technologies available to web deve… Keep Reading

How to Really Test WordPress Page Load Times?
August 6, 2018 By Jake

If it sounds too good to be true it usually is! Nothing makes my blood boil more is when I see an ad or a posting of someone offering t… Keep Reading

Giving Back to Open Source
July 19, 2018 By Jake

When is the last time, if any, you gave back to the Open Source Community?  The community that makes the software that lets you make a… Keep Reading

WooCommerce and Timber / Twig
July 19, 2018 By Jake

Incorporating WooCommerce into a template using Timber was not such an easy task.  I have posted several times about Timber and the ben… Keep Reading

WordPressing the Cloud – Part 2
July 1, 2018 By Jake

Building/Upgrading a Bitnami LAMP stack with WordPress in the Google Cloud. This is part 2 of “WordPressing” in the Google… Keep Reading

WordPressing the Cloud – Part 3
July 1, 2018 By Jake

Set up HTTP/2 and mod_pagespeed for WordPress on Google Cloud using the Bitnami LAMP Stack, mod_Pagespeed and using a Bucket as a CDN T… Keep Reading