Billy B. writes a Brutally Honest Blog on everything WordPress. With no influence by affiliate fees, he gives you honest and valuable about everything form hosting, templates, page builders, plugins, and more. Sometimes, you may not like the answers and advice he gives.

Billy B for ProWeb.Agency here. I am always brutally honest in my blog entries.  If I lie to you in my blog entries, then you will not respect or trust my opinion.  It will take a long time to rebuild your trust.  If I tell the truth, you may get upset at the answer, but the trust and respect will be in tact.

I will be blogging on just about anything related to WordPress. Not just the core of this great Content Management System, but also the Plugins and Templates available for it. I will be discussing Elementor Pro and comparing it to other Page Builders.

I will give you honest and valuable advice about optimizing your WordPress site for speed and how to increase your scores and vitals. I will tell you how to remove the bloat. You may not like the answers and advice I give.

You will find out about the different types of hosting available.  I will explain the differences and tell you which hosts to stay clear of.  So get ready for some brutal honesty and the truth on everything WordPress.

— Billy B.

Billy Blogger

Billy Blogger

Brutally Honest. 20 years experience.

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