KB Article - How to Contact PW.A

Howdy! How can we help you?

At ProWeb.Agency we hate spam more than anything, you probably feel the same. So we save the cost of having someone filter out the spam, this allows us to keep things affordable.  We do this by using our ticket system to do so. In order to use the ticket system, you must be registered and logged in to our site.  Our registration system uses techniques to keep bots out.

When you are not logged in and click on a contact us button, you will be asked to register. You can either register by supplying the necessary information or do so quickly by “Signing in with Google”. Once you have successfully registered, you will be directed to the “My Account Page”.  There you will see a button to contact us.

If you are already logged in you will immediately go to the contact form.

Another advantage of doing it this way, is we have in our support ticket system a record of all communications.