Optimizing WordPress Themes

Optimizing WordPress Themes

ProWeb.Agency (PW.A) prides itself in the optimization work we do for WordPress sites. Our development of the Timber-Boot theme is based upon creating a WordPress site that is optimized for speed.  This is achieved through the tools we use in the theme engine.  These tools create an efficient and optimized code to display your content.

The Timber extension utilizes the Twig language as the base for the theme framework.  It writes code that is efficient and structured in an MVC (Model View Controler) format.

Through the use of the Bootstrap framework, your site is optimized for mobile first, allowing your site to look amazing on all devices from phones to desktops.  Bootstrap also comes with an array of elements and components already, assisting the easy customization of the theme.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) allows for content to be in synch with your business needs, making the code more intuitive for both the CMS and theme coding, but makes the admin dashboard more intuitive to use.

These tools and others are combined into the Laravel Mix utility that creates not only optimized and efficient code, it also handles the optimization of fixed assets such as CSS and JavaScript. With optimization as our primary goal, affordability was achieved easily as our second goal.  PW.A creates optimized WordPress sites that are affordable by design.