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ProWeb.Agency Services

Installation, Configuration, Customization & Optimization

If you can not tell already, ProWeb.Agency (PW.A) loves WordPress.  WordPress is a CMS that can be a blog, an eCommerce solution, an events site, a real estate site, a travel agency, and so many more. It is a powerful CMS that has the flexibility and power to deliver the content in many ways.

PW.A offers these following WordPress Services:

  • Installation of WordPress on
    • your existing server
    • a newly acquired server
    • or a server you have us build in the cloud
    • installation of plugins
    • installation of themes
  • Configuration of WordPress
    • configuration of settings
    • configuration of themes
    • configurations of plugins
  • Customization of WordPress
    • utilizing child themes
    • custom post types
    • custom fields (utilizing the Advanced Custom Fields plugin)
    • integration of custom fields and post types
    • conditional re-writes and logic changes
  • Optimization of WordPress
    • coding plugin functionality into the core to reduce resource usage
    • eliminating functions from the core that are unnecessary
    • security enhancements through exiting plugin resources
    • addressing issues concerning the page load times

Optimizing your existing theme

We will work on your existing theme by using child themes as not to prohibit the upgrade of the original theme.  We offer a wide variety of  theme customization:

  • Layout changes based on your specifications
  • Integration of additional fields to your template through Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Theme customization that is dynamic based on a definable variable(s) from the WordPress core, custom field value, and/or the template hierarchy
  • Re-coding of some or all of the layout pages using Timber/Twig
  • CSS changes to the specifications ordered

We are not a graphics design company, nor do we represent ourselves as such.  Template work constitutes coding.  Any graphical work, the client must provide themselves or authorize us to work with their graphic designer.  If you do not retain a graphic designer, we will give you the names of 3 designers who we feel are experts in their filed and you can choose which one to work with.

Affordable by Design

We will install the Timber-Boot Theme.  A blank canvas, from which your Custom theme will be developed. More about Timber-Boot.

Timber-Boot is a blank canvas used to build custom WordPress themes. However, it is not your average blank canvas. Behind this canvas are a powerful engine and set of tools that create a memorable experience for your site visitors.

Timber-Boot is a mobile first, responsive, optimized, and powerful theme designed to build a template for any type of business. What makes Timber-Boot stand out, is it is the affordable custom Word-Press theme.

  • Fully customized based on your specifications.
  • Built Mobile First
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Admin Interface
  • Affordable

*In reality, there is no 100% custom theme.  Unique themes are developed from a starter theme implementing the functionality you requested.

**We are not a graphics design company, nor do we represent ourselves as such.  Template work constitutes coding.  Any graphical work, the client must provide themselves or authorize us to work with their graphic designer.  If you do not retain a graphic designer, we will give you the names of 3 designers who we feel are experts in their filed and you can choose which one to work with.

Optimized for WordPress

PW.A will do these services based on the type of server you are on:

  • Cloud-Based (Google), Dedicated or VPS – Not managed by a hosting company or reseller
    • Full server configuration and optimization to achieve the most efficient resources to WordPress based on the server restrictions
    • Addition of modules such as mod_http2 and/or mod_pagespeed
    • Configuration of the tools available to achieve the optimal scalability on demand when needed
  • Cloud-Based, Dedicated, or VPS – Managed by a hosting company or reseller
    • Analysis of the items listed in the not managed section
    • Create a work order for you to submit to the company that manages the server
    • Work closely with the provider to achieve your support request
  • Shared Hosting
    • Analysis of the shared environment to see if even suitable for your requirements
    • Recommendations to you as to whether you request the changes (we will confirm with the host that they can be done) or switch hosting plans or companies
  • Live Production Servers
    • No work will be performed during high volume hours
    • Work will be scheduled at low visitation times, no matter what time that is, and no premium will be charged for off schedule-hours

Keep it running smoothly

Once you have your awesome site built, don’t forget it needs to be maintained and systems will need upgrades from time to time.

PW.A offers these services. If we are building your site, before completion we will cover a maintenance plan with you, even if that involves training you to do the maintenance yourself.

If you already have an existing site and require some maintenance tasks or upgrades,  we would be thrilled to discuss them with you.

We offer a Free Initial Consultation

PW.A offers consulting and implementation services for various online projects.  If you have a new concept for a website,  expansion of a current online presence, or need a 3rd party to audit an existing project, we can help.

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Cost projections and budgeting constraints
  • Maintenance cost projections
  • Target audience analysis
  • Timeline projections

We may be able to find ways to more efficiently complete your project, saving you both time and money.

If you have any questions. use the “Contact Us” button in the footer of the website.

Policies & Proceedures

At any time while working on your support request we will notify you immediately if we run into any issues with the configuration you have ordered, or we know of a faster and more economical method to achieve your result.

We prefer to do this work in a development environment. If you do not have a development environment, we will set you up in one of our cloud-based development sites.

We encourage all clients to keep the channels of communication open while your support services are being performed.  The ticket system is always used for all requests so there is a record of any changes and communications.  We are also available via telephone or Google Meet during the times we are working on your request.

If the server is not a fresh install just completed by PW.A, at no time will be work started until PW.A itself has done a complete backup of all necessary files in case an emergency restoration is required.  This is non-negotiable.

If you have any questions you can contact us through the “Contact Us” button in the footer of this website.  Once you become a client of ours, you will be issued a login to Support.ProWeb.Agency. The support site is the communications means between our clients and ourselves for all support based requests.

More affordable than you think!

Our Pricing and Billing policies are as follows:

  • All clients are billed on an hourly basis, and that rate will be discussed during the initial consultation.  All tickets submitted will be time tracked by our ticketing system.
  • Depending upon the support request, the date the invoice will be sent can fluctuate.  For support requests done in phases, invoicing will be sent on the date of completion of each phase. For support requests that are task related, invoicing will be sent on the date of completion of the task.
  • As the relationship with the client matures, billing will take place on the 15th and/or the 30th of each month.  This is for clients that have multiple task-related support requests per month.
  • Invoices are due when issued. All invoicing is done via Square, our payment processor, and payment can be made by use of a credit/debit card. You will receive notice from our ticket system that an invoice was sent by the billing department.  You will also receive notifications when your invoice is paid.
  • All new clients will receive an initial invoice equal to 1/2 of the estimated total invoice.  If the support request is done in phases, new clients will get an initial invoice for the required deposit for the initial phase.   Upon completion of that phase, new clients will get an invoice for the balance due on the initial phase and the deposit for the subsequent phase. If the support request is task related, new clients will get an initial invoice for 1/2 the estimated total invoice, and a final invoice for the balance upon completion of the task. No work will begin until the deposit is paid. As the relationship with the client matures, no deposits will be required.
  • PW.A only bills for hours actually worked. Unlike other agencies, we only classify billable hours as the time when actual work is done. For example, if we are creating a backup or restoring a backup, we do not charge you for the time the backup is uploading or downloading.  The reason is, other work can be done during that time. If the task involves a new core change to WordPress, we are not going to charge you for the time spent learning about the new change.  This may not seem like much but it adds up quickly.  If you decide to use the Timber-Boot theme on your site, the cost of the Template is free, since that work is already done.  You are just charged for time spent installing and configuring the template.