Timber-Boot v2.5.1 in Action

Timber-Boot v2.5.1 in Action

July 4, 2019 By Jake

It’s has been a while since I have blogged on the site. Since November, most of the attention has been given to Timber-Boot. But during that time, I did make some notes for posts I want to write. Here is one of many to come.

Home Page Loading Speed from  3.5 to 1.4 seconds.

When testing a new version of a theme, it is uploaded to this site for real-life testing. I would rather discover a problem here on my site than discover it on a client’s site. I also get invaluable feedback from visitors.

Timber-Boot v2.5 was uploaded and tested on this site a couple of months ago, for pre-release testing. A few items were noted that needed to be addressed, and they are in the release of Timber-Boot v2.5.1 that you are looking at now.

After addressing these issues, the home page loading time on a mobile device went from 3.5 seconds to 1.4 seconds. Although most issues addressed were core optimizations, some cosmetic changes were also made. Here are some of those changes:

Font Awesome added weight to a page’s load time.

Loading from an external source, Font Awesome added 1.5 second load time. Adding it to Laravel Mix to include the CSS, JS, and Fonts, added only 1.0 seconds to the load time. I expected more, but the size of the static asset files nearly doubled.

So another approach was taken. Twig can deal with SVG images. The free icon set was extracted from the Font Awesome package and a separate SVG file was created for each icon. You still choose which icon to use, but handling it as an image only greatly reduced the resources needed.

Additional Optimizations

There are some additional options we added to the template that are controlled in the Timber-Boot settings in the WordPress Admin Dashboard. The options below are an “all or none” approach.

No Emojis
No Feeds
No Embeds
No Comments
Disable Self Pingbacks
Remove Gutenberg Styles
Remove WP Generator
Remove Script Versions
Remove jQuerry Migrate

The Heartbeat Control plugin, which is an excellent plugin for controlling resource usage due to the WordPress heartbeat, was added to the recommended plugin list along with the Hide Login plugin for security purposes.

Coding wise, you can opt to have us disable the WP-Cron and set up an external one instead.

Cache Changes

The Timber/Twig cache is a powerful caching system, and it is now selectable in the Timber-Boot Settings for enabling it and setting the cache lifetime.

Those with Pagespeed and/or Memcached availalbe, we have changed the integration, configuration. and filters. Lazy Load images are at the PageSpeed level now. For those of you interested in the PageSpeed configuration, there will be an article on that shortly.

Cosmetic Changes:

Better color control is now built into the Timber-Boot settings in the WordPress admin dashboard. Utilizing 8 presets, you can quickly adjust your color choices for elements.

PWA 3D effect was introduced, as can be seen in the card layout of this site. Utilizing shadows and rounding, cards appear to be laying on the screen with the featured images lifting off the card.

Implementation of Bootstrap 4.3, and its new features including Responsive Font Sizes. Giving a better appearance overall.

These changes are in version 2.5.1. Next on the agenda is re-integration of WooCommerce and then Timber-Boot version 3.0. In this version integrations planned are with the Gutenberg editor and blocks, AEC blocks, and Timber 2.0.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, use the “Contact Us” button in the footer of this website.