Timber-Boot: Your Next WordPress Theme

Timber-Boot: Your Next WordPress Theme

May 26, 2019 By Jake

Timber-Boot v2.5, which was 18 months in the making, is finally ready for the release of version 2.5. It is built using the amazing Twig template engine and thanks to the remarkable plugin Timber, it seamlessly integrates into WordPress.

Timber-Boot was always built for speed and mobile first design. In the first version, it was a basic template starter we used to develop custom WordPress websites. With version 2.5, is it now a WordPress theme that is affordable by design. There are quite a few changes, each of which concentrated on speed, efficiency, and optimized code.

The major change is the admin interface, where you have full control of the settings, without having to code the changes. We have now interfaced an options area where you can change and choose different options in the WordPress “back-end. These options range from small color and layout changes to disabling some of the core features of WordPress to eliminate any unused items and increase speed.

Timber-Boot has eliminated the plugins that slow down a website and coded these functions into the existing core. You get the functionality without adding addition JavaSript libraries. Integration with MailChimp and Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) will not slow down every page of a website.

The components you need are already built in. We always offered Carousel Sliders and Hero Images. Now add to those a Featured Product, Staff, Terms & Definitions, Simple Events with integration to SimpleTix, and an Ad System.

The list does not stop there. Popular Posts, Popular Posts by Category, New Posts, Perfect Fit, Responsive Fonts, and the ability to configure each easily. In the end, Timber-Boot is affordable by design. Once you take a look, Timber-Boot will be your next WordPress theme.

Timber-Boot v2.5