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PW.A Brutally Honest Blog

Billy B. writes a Brutally Honest Blog on everything WordPress. He gives you honest and valuable advice about everything form hosting, templates, page builders, plugins, and more. Sometimes, you may not like the answers and advice he gives.

What is WordPress Optimization?

Optimization is defined as making the most effective use of the resources. In the case of WordPress optimization, this means not just optimizing your host, theme, and plugins, although those 3 are key elements.  It goes further, you need to optimize the CSS/JS by creating both critical and unique CSS, removing any unused CSS/JS, removing any JS conflicts, optimizing your images, and also the database. Then add a dynamic and static server-level cache with edge side includes.  The final step is to use a CDN for better geographic distribution of your website.

WordPress the Right Way with PW.A

Our slogan here at ProWeb.Agency is “WordPress the Right Way with PW.A”.  Over the last 20 years, we have seen WordPress sites designed the wrong way.  These sites are hosted on the wrong type of server, bloated with non-essential plugins, use a “heavy theme”, are not optimized, are difficult to work with, and worse of all they use multiple page builders on the same site. Here at PW.A we feel we do it the right way. So what is the right way you ask? It is made up of various components we call “The Essentials” and they are: