Contact Us

In order to reduce spam and for added security we do require that you register on our site.  This allows us to use our ticketing software to handle your request and keep track of the responses.  



The contact us form is for pre-sale and post-sale general questions.  It is also for billing questions or general site issues you may have.  

FAQ for Ticket System

You will receive a reply to your email address you signed up with and you can reply to that email and it will be added to the original ticket. 

NEVER SEND PLAIN TEXT CREDENTIALS VIA EMAIL OR THE TICKET RESPONSE.  Please create a separate user for PW.A to do their work. In the back-end of WordPress create a new user as shown in image #1 below:

  • 1a – Create a username (copy to a notepad)
  • 1b – Enter the email address of “”
  • 1c – Enter in “PWA” for the first name
  • 1d – Enter in “Support” for the last name
  • 1e – Click on Generate password. (copy to a notepad)
  • 1f – Make sure “Send User Notification” is checked
  • 1g – Set the “role” to Administer
  • 1h- Click on “Add New User”
Then go to the and fill out the form as shown in image #2 below:
  • 2a – Enter the URL to the back-end of your WordPress site (You may have a plugin installed that changes the URL). Then copy and paste the username and password from the notepad you copied them to when creating the WordPress user.
  • 2b  – Leave Lifetime set to 7 days
  • 2c – Click on “Create a secret link”


You will now see the screen shown in image #3 as shown below:

  • 3a – Copy the “Share this link” to the “Credentials URL” in the ticket or in the description area of the ticket as shown in image #4 below:



It cuts down dramatically on the amount of spam we receive. Since we do not have to clean up spam contacts daily and employ someone to do so, it allows us to keep are pricing affordable.