Pricing Policy

ProWeb.Agency (also referred to as PW.A) offers services to our clients that are both free and paid. For free services, we offer free consultations both pre-sale and post-sale. Free consultations can last from 30-45 minutes. The subject of these free consultations is limited to the services offered by PW.A. There is no obligation to purchase before or after a free consultation. 

For paid services, they are either offered in packages where the price is fixed for the service or are billed on an hourly basis.  Once the work begins there are no refunds. These services are on a retainer-based system, which in the case of fixed package prices means that the service must be paid for before the work will begin. Once the package is purchased, PW.A will initiate a support ticket on behalf of the client requesting information needed to complete the task.

For services based on hours worked, the client can purchase hourly packages from 1 to 8 hours. When this time is purchased it is put into the client’s “time bank”. Once the time is purchased, the client should initiate a support ticket that supplies the nature of the work they need to be done with the information needed to complete the work request. As the work progresses, PW.A will update the support ticket with the work done and will include the “task time” in the support ticket.  

The task time will be noted into the “time bank” ledger for the client by PW.A, hence the ledger will keep a running balance of the time remaining in the client’s “time bank”. PW.A will notify the client when the “time bank” is exhausted.  At this time, the client will be notified by PW.A to add additional time by purchasing additional hours to bring the client’s time balance to a positive balance. 

PW.A task time is defined as the “dedicated time to perform a task”. PW.A does not charge for any “research or learning” time. PW.A also does not charge for “idle wait time”.  This is best defined by providing an example. 

A client has engaged the services of PW.A to install and configure a plugin. The task starts at 8:00 am.  PW.A will start a backup of the site first before installing the plugin. Once the backup starts until it stops is considered “idle work time”.  In this example, the backup began at 8:10 am and ended at 8:30 am. So 20 minutes of “idle work time” so far.  

The plugin is installed. After the installation, PW.A notices that the new version of this plugin does not configure in the same way as the previous version did. So at 8:40 am, PWA does some research on the new configuration method for the plugin.  We do not feel it is fair to charge the client for this time, as we need to know the new configuration for future clients. The research ends at 10:00 am. So 80 minutes of “research or learning time”. At 11:00 am the task is completed. 

In the above example, it took 3 hours from start to finish, but PW.A will adjust that time by 120 minutes (2 hours) which means the “dedicated time to perform the task” is only 1 hour.  This 1 hour will be charged against the “time bank”, not the 3 hours.

For any paid service, if no consultation has been done prior to the purchase, PW.A will contact the customer via the ticket system and schedule a free consultation.  The purpose of said consultation is for both parties to set proper expectations and the scope of the work to be completed.  Communication is the essential key to any work performed. This prerequisite is not required if the client notifies us that this is an emergency task.

The “time bank” ledger is kept by PW.A will be accessible to the client with read-only permissions at all times via a shared Google Drive file, and a link will be given on all support tickets where the task is being billed hourly.

Any leftover time never expires. After 90 days of inactivity in the “time bank”, the client can request a cash-out of his time bank or leave the balance for future tasks.  If a cash-out is requested, the hourly rate will be computed as the rate used on the last hourly purchase.  This is best defined by providing an example.

A client had requested service and had purchased two 3-hour time packages.  One prior to the task starting and another upon notification that his “time bank” had reached zero.  When the task was completed there was 1 hour of time left in the client’s time bank. 

PW.A takes the last 3-hour purchase which was 3 hours for $277.00.  The client only needed to purchase a 2-hour package at $190.00. 

In the above example, the cash-out amount for the client would be $87.00 ($277.00 – $190.00).

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