WordPress Optimization

with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP)

As a team, we prioritize the optimization of website speed and performance in line with SEO best practices. If ProWeb.Agency developed your WordPress site, then it is already optimized. It is our standard practice to build all of our sites fully optimized.

If your website was not built by us, we are happy to offer our expertise to make it faster. If your site was built by someone else we do offer an optimization using LSCWP.

This does require that you are hosted on a server where the operating system is LiteSpeed.  You can check with your hosting company and see if it is installed on your hosting package.  If it is a shared server, also check to see if they allow the LS Crawler to be enabled on shared accounts.

If they do offer this configuration, then we can assist you in achieving faster load times. If not, we can suggest a host to migrate to that does offer this configuration.

Our team also knows the optimal code settings for various major themes and page builders to ensure full optimization. We can advise on which optimization plugins or settings clash with other plugins, enabling you to have the most effective and streamlined website.

We have a blog entry that answers the question “What is WordPress Optimization“.

Installation and configuration of LSCWP and QUIC.cloud one-time on a single WordPress website. The configuration will be optimal for the site’s current state.  You will get a free consultation on how to change the current state of your site to make it even faster. You can add additional hours at a 25% discount later if you decide to have us change the current state of your website.

FAQ on PW.A Optimization

LSCWP (LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress) is an optimization plugin. It is designed to integrate with the LSCache (LiteSpeed Cache) in order to give granular comtrol to the server-level cache built into LSWS (LiteSpeed Web Server).

When PW.A does an optimization, it will be based upon the current theme, content, and images of your site.  We will optimize the site with those  items the site already contains.  There are some themes and/or content plugins are bloated and your site can be optimized further by changing those items.  The standard optimization does not include changing your theme, content plugins, nor the functionality of your site.

We encourage you to ask any questions you may have.  We recommend that you sign up for a FREE consultation.  You can also ask your question via Contact Us.