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WordPress the right way by PW.A

We are unique and different, just like you are unique and different. Your online presence should be unique and different. We have been working with WordPress ever since it was released which is about 20 years. We have seen WordPress develop from a blogging platform into what we consider the best CMS (Content Management System) available today and it is powering over 43% of all the websites in the internet.

At ProWeb.Agency we have developed sites that others have said was impossible to do with WordPress.  We have the skills and knowledge necessary to assist you with any of your needs. But this is what makes us unique and different:

  • We offer a free consultation for those who want to build a new website where we help you set both your short term and long term goals. If you already have a website, we offer a free analysis of the website to see if it fits your short term and long term goals. More info here.
  • We offer affordable pricing.  If it is a service that is offered on an hourly basis, you are only charged for the actual time worked. More Info here.
  • We do not accept affiliate fees from hosting companies or premium add-ons for WordPress.  Any premium add-ons  we suggest, are based upon the product itself.  We are not influenced by a commission we can receive.
  • We teach you how to use the sites we build or add-ons we install.  We do not make you come back to us for any minor or major changes that need to be made.  We want you to know how to use and maintain your WordPress site. In other words we do NOT hold you hostage.
  • We know our limitations. We are NOT a “jack of all trades”.  We are masters of WordPress. We do not offer SEO services, but we can recommend those that are or offer best practices. 

WordPress the Right Way by PW.A

Pro Web.Agency has been working with WordPress for almost 20 years now, since it was first released.
Professional, Experienced, Honest , Helpful, and Affordable.

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