The Essentials

Building a WordPress Website the Right Way

At ProWeb.Agency we know we are developing WordPress websites the “Right Way”.  We have been doing it for 20 years.  These items are “The Essentials”.  When they are incorporated into the development process you end up with a fully optimized site that is responsive with mobile first, customized to be unique just like your business is, easy to use and maintain,  This development allows PW.A to offer small and medium sized businesses with an affordable online presence.

Proper Hosting

ProWeb.Agency is not a hosting company.  When we develop WordPress websites we recommend A2 Hosting due to the excellent server hardware and the fact that they have Shared, VPS, and Dedicated plans that use LiteSpeed servers.  There plans are affordable and inexpensive.  When you pick the proper host, such as A2 Hosting, the supporting bases of the pyramid are taken care of already: LiteSpeed Server,  LS Cache, and Managed WordPress hosting.

LSWS (LiteSpeed Web Server) is a lightweight Apache alternative that uses less resources. Its event-driven architecture uses fewer processors and less overhead. It uses the best-performing HTTP/3 and was the first to implement this new protocol.  LSCache engine is an advanced server-level cache with Edge Side Includes. Its LSPHP with suExec outperforms PHP-FPM. It handles security with Asynchronous ModSecurity and Server-Level reCaptcha which defends against Layer-7 DDoS attacks.

WordPress, released in 2003, has been the top CMS (Content Management System) with 64.2% of the CMS market. Approximately 810 Million websites are built using WordPress as of 2023, with 500 new sites using WordPress every day.

“It’s not just a page builder; with Elementor Pro, it is an entire website builder. It’s faster, so you don’t need to drag, drop and wait.”  It offers an excellent variety of widgets, so there is no need to add numerous other 3rd party plugins. It also works flawlessly with the lightweight Hello theme.  

LSCWP (LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress) is a free plugin that integrates with LSWS and LSCache to significantly reduce page load times. It is more than your basic cache plugin as it offers a server-level full-page cache, private cache, image optimization, minification of CSS/JavaScript/HTML, combines CSS/JavaScript, browser cache, ESI, CDN support, lazy loading, database optimization, and much more.

The other plugins that we know are essential to doing WordPress the right way are Advanced Custom Fields Pro, a good backup plugin such as All-in-One Migration, and what we know is the best SEO plugin for WordPress – SEO Framework. is the only CDN available that can cache WordPress content that is both static and dynamic. It even caches complex dynamic content with ESI support. It is easy to set up and install and even has an automated setup for Cloudflare users.  Its online services include image optimization and critical and unique CSS generation. They offer both a free and paid plan. CDN delivers global coverage of your optimized WordPress site.