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Holiday Sale the Right Way by PWA Save 25%-50%

Hey there, my festive friend! Are you ready to save some cash and cheer up your wallet? Well, we’ve got some awesome news! Our Holiday Sale is up and running, and it’s ready to shower you with savings! No need to wait for those boring Cyber Week, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday sales. Our discount is available right now, just in time for the holidays! So, why wait? Grab your snow boots and get ready to save big! These sale prices are sure to warm up your heart, so don’t wait until the New Year to start. This offer ends on December 31, 2023, so hurry and catch the festive fever.

All discounts will be applied on the checkout page.

Save 50%

Save 50% on our Development Hourly Packages:

  • 1 hour was $100 now $50
  • 2 hours was $190 now $95
  • 3 hours was $277 now $138.50
  • 4 hours was $360 now $180
  • 5 hours was $437 now $218.50
  • 6 hours was $510 now $255
  • 7 hours was $577 now 288.50
  • 8 hours was $640 now $320

Save 50% on our WordPress Optimization Package.  Was $100 now $50

Save 35%

Save 35% on our Get Online Now Packages:

  • Starter Package was $360 now $234
  • Standard Package was $510 now  $331.50
  • Advanced Package was $960 now $624

Save 25%

Save 25% on our Maintenance Subscriptions.


This is our way of wishing you a happy holiday and thanking you for making ProWeb.Agency the right way to do WordPress.

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